150th Promotional Tents

TENT 150
Tent 10x10Tent 10x20Easy to use, spring-loaded push button for quick installationUse the crank handle to adjust the height (10 \\\\\\\', 3\\\\\\\' \\\\\\\'maximum), clearance of 6\\\\\\\', 3 \\\\\\\'\\\\\\\'8 "octagonal posts in anodised aluminum with steel legs

150th Promotional Tents



Weatherproof your brand!

L’étendard promotional tents are lightweight and strong, and can be set up in minutes.

Manufacturing Details

L’étendard promotional tents consist of a solid, lightweight and foldable aluminum frame. A carrying bag is included.

The roof can be printed on all 4 sides, including the valence. You can add printed back and side panels to increase your visibility on the grounds.


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