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Beach flags XL



Whether a XL Beach Flag or XL Beach Sign your message will come across both sides!

XL Beach Flags and Beach Signs made by Etendard are suitable for any situation. Beach Flags stand out with their feather-shaped design and Beach Signs are fun and trendy with their unique teardrop design. Both types work very well to get your message across.

Manufacturing Details

Etendard’s XL Beach Flags and Signs are made of nylon and are suitable for all weather conditions. They rotate freely, making them wind-resistant.

Printing Process

  • Screened if the quantity is large and the image to be reproduced is composed of 1 or 2 colours.
  • Digital if the quantity is smaller and the image is more complex.

Banner sizes avalable

  • XL Beach Flag: 33’’ x 177’’ (85 x 450 cm)
  • XL Beach Sign  48’’ x 142” (105 x 360 cm)
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