Economical Mini Beach flags

Mini Beach flags
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Economical Mini Beach flags



Whether a Mini Beach Flag or a Mini Beach Sign, there is no better way to say "We are here"!

Mini Beach banners made by Etendard truly stand out with their unique design.  Spinning in the wind, they are a subtle and attractive way of announcing your presence.

Manufacturing Details

Etendard’s Mini Beach Flags and Mini Beach Signs banners are made with the greatest care from weather-resistant nylon.

Printing Process

  • Screened if the quantity is large and the image to be reproduced is composed of 1 or 2 colours.
  • Digital if the quantity is smaller and the image is more complex.

L’étendard Banner and Support Formats

  • Mini Beach Flag: 24 x 102” (60 x 260 cm)
  • Mini Beach Sign: 32’’ x 82’’ (80 x 205 cm)
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