Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are to define the contractual relationship between Drapeaux et bannières L’étendard Inc. and the buyer and the conditions applicable to all purchases made ​​through the website of Drapeaux et bannières L’étendard Inc. by the buyer either corporate or consumer.

The acquisition of a good or service through this site implies an implicit acceptance by the purchaser of these conditions of sale.These conditions shall prevail over any other general or special conditions not specifically approved by Drapeaux et bannières L’étendard Inc. Drapeaux et bannières L’étendard Inc. reserves the right to modify terms and conditions at any time. In this case, the conditions will be those in force on the date of the order by the buyer.

Definition of goods and services

The products and services offered are those listed in the catalogue published on the website of Drapeaux et bannières L’étendard Inc. These products and services are offered within the limits of available stocks. Each product is accompanied by a description. The photographs in the catalogue are as accurate as possible but cannot ensure a perfect similarity with the product, especially with regard to color.


The prices listed on the website are in Canadian dollars. Drapeaux et bannières L’étendard Inc. reserves the right to change prices at any time, other than the prices contained on the website catalogue the day of the order and shall be applicable only to the buyer on that day.


To purchase a product or service the buyer is to:

  • Complete in full the form all the data requested or give their customer number if any;
  • Complete the online order form with the information of selected products or services (name of product, size, and quantity);
  • Validate the order after reviewing it;
  • Make payment as provided;
  • Confirm the order and payment.

The buyer’s confirmation of the order implies acceptance of the conditions of sale and waiver of its own conditions of purchase or other conditions.

All supplied information is confirmation and acknowledgement of goods ordered and thereby constitutes valid proof of transaction. The seller will email back to the buyer confirmation of order once received.


In case of defects or workmanship of the product sold, it can be returned to the vendor who will process a refund or exchange. All claims and requests for exchange or refund must be made ​​within five days of delivery by mail at the following address:

Drapeaux et bannières L’étendard Inc.
3775 Jean-Marchand Street,
Quebec (Quebec)
G2C 2J2


The seller, in the online sales process, is bound by ability of means; liability cannot be held for damages resulting from the use of the Internet such as data loss, hacking, viruses, break in service, or other unintended problems.

Intellectual property

All elements of the site Drapeaux et bannières L’étendard Inc. are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of Drapeaux et bannières L’étendard Inc. No authorization is permitted to reproduce, use, repost, or use for any purpose whatsoever, even partially, elements of the site be it by software, video or audio. Any single link or hyperlink is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Drapeaux et bannières L’étendard Inc.


We request personal information about our customers only to complete and deliver their orders. This information includes personal data (name, address) and financial information (credit card number, expiration date). This information is necessary to complete your order and will never be shared with other partners such as financial institutions including PayPal. All transaction information required by our partners will be managed using SSL technology to ensure the security of your personal information. Processing of all transactions made on etendard.com is directed via PayPal. Etendard.com servers use the latest secure transmission of information technology (Secure Socket Layer [SSL]). With this technology, all personal data is encrypted at the time of capture, making it impossible to read during their transfer via Internet. This security service is provided by the use of industry standard digital certificate. The combination of these features allows us to effectively verify identities, enable secure communications and encrypt transactions. This ensures our customers can shop safely.

Drapeaux et bannières L’étendard Inc.

3775 Jean-Marchand Street,
Quebec (Quebec)
G2C 2J2


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